Chocolate, chocolate everywhere and all I want to do is eat!

It is purely addicting. One could easily get hooked on the sweet smell and delectable taste. The feeling of it melting in your mouth is a sensation that can make a person go weak in the knees. Have you ever experienced that? Chocolate is the only food that I believe speaks to the soul.

Are you having a bad day? Chocolate.
Are you celebrating something? Chocolate.
Do you need a quick snack? Chocolate.
Do you need a gift for someone? Chocolate.

Seriously! 2 + 2 = CHOCOLATE! It is the answer to everything!
Okay, so maybe not everything, but I am sure you get my point.

Recently, we here at Boutique 573 have added a new line of products to our offerings. I am sure you will not be able to guess what it is. That is right: COFFEE! I'm just kidding. Of course, the answer is CHOCOLATE.

These new products come from Sweet on Vermont.

Since 1996 this company has been creating artisan chocolates by hand. Others have described their delightful treats as "simply spectacular," "the finest we have ever had," and "the best in the Green Mountain State."
Sweet on Vermont has been mention in The New York Times and Business Week.

How do they do it? Sweet on Vermont insists on using fresh, high-quality ingredients from small, family-owned vendors. It honestly reminds us of that old-time chocolate taste of pure goodness.

Check out the products here.

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